01897: Erica Torres vs. Madi the American Baddie

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MP4 | 121MB | 15:04 | 720×480


Get ready for a clash of personalities as Erica Torres faces off against Madi the American Baddie in a 15-minute showdown. With a referee in the ring, witness the clash between an old-school bully-brat heel and a determined jobber as they battle it out for supremacy. (Introductions. Lockup. Wristlock. Hair Pull. Armbar. Side Headlock takedown. Rubbing elbow in forehead. Small package. Knee across throat. Blatant choke. Abdominal stretch. Bodyscissors. Bodyscissors roll. Elbow drop. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. Ramming head into turnbuckles. powerslam. pulling the opponent up at 2 count. Leglock. Bending back over knee. Finisher; Bridged over double armbar. submission.)


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