01767: Little Bit vs. Tracy Taylor vs. Stormi Renee


MP4 | 89MB | 10:00 | 720×480


In a 10-minute showdown, Little Bit, Tracy Taylor, and Stormi Renee compete to determine the No. 1 contender for Nyxx’s Liberty Pro Championship. With a referee present, this match promises intense action as these three talented competitors vie for a shot at the championship. Expect a thrilling contest filled with high-stakes drama and breathtaking athleticism as they battle for the top contender spot. (Trash Talking; Double clothesline; Doubleteaming; Kicks to midsection; Choking with own hair; Hand smother; Slamming face into mat; Underhook chokehold; Camel Clutch; Leg splitter; Knee in back with double armbar; Bodyscissors; Big body splash in corner; Kicks to midsection DDT; Double body splash in corner; Finisher: Foreign object shot; pin.)


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