01766: Madi the American Baddie vs. Fantasy

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MP4 | 111MB | 14:45 | 720×480


Liberty Pro fans, get ready for a 15-minute spectacle as Madi the American Baddie faces off against Fantasy. This no-holds-barred match features an absurd number of piledrivers that pushes the boundaries of brutality. Expect an over-the-top, jaw-dropping battle that defies reason, as these competitors leave fans in awe with an excessive, mind-boggling display of piledriver mayhem. (Knee lift to midsection; Bodyslam; Suplex; Seated Tombstone; Camel clutch; Kicks to midsection; Tombstone; Multiple Tombstone piledrivers; Single leg Boston crab; choking on ropes; sleeperhold; Clothesline; Finisher: Tombstone; pin.)


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