01451: Autumn Mariee vs. Brian Rodgers


MP4 | 126MB | 15:21 | 720×480


Autumn Mariee took on Trending Trent Daniels last month and she liked that match so much, she asked for another male wrestler and Brian Rodgers stepped up for this 15 minute match. (Introductions. Attacking an opponent from behind. Foot on throat. Stomps to midsection. Choking on ropes. Martial arts kicks. Grinding boot into forehead. Slamming wrist into mat. Stomping wrist. Running elbow smash to throat. Wrapping legs around ropes. Pedigree. Eye rake. Slamming knee into mat. Shoulder claw. Elbow drop to knee. DDT. Back rake. Knee smash to face. Spin kick to face. Foot on throat. Surfboard. Headscissors. Finisher: pedigree. pin.)


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