01449: Little Bit vs. Million Dollar Baby


MP4 | 75MB | 10:25 | 720×480


The 13 year feud, love-hate relationship continues. I mean earlier in the day, they won the tag belts and by the end of the day, they were fighting each other in a ten minute match. Sounds like my ex marriage. (Pre-match interview. Attacking opponents coming into the ring. Knee lift to midsection. slamming face into steel chair. Extended leg choke. Slamming face into apron. Slamming face into steel post. Running Bulldog into mat. Big right hands. Eye rake. Biting forehead. Standing on hair. Knife edge chops. Face claw. Low Blow. Slamming face into mat. Double handed hair pull. Single leg Boston crab with hair pull. Camel clutch with hair pull. Standing on hands. Finisher: Elbow smash to top of head. unable to continue.)


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