01441: Erica Torres and Little Bit vs. Chantal and Autumn Mariee


MP4 | 112MB | 10:30 | 720×480


Tag Action Time, but not just tag action, but Ugly Sweater Tag Action. This match is ten minutes long featuring 4 of the top stars at Liberty Pro Women’s Wrestling. (Ugly sweater Barefoot tag team match. Attacking opponents at start. Jumping clothesline. Bodyslam. Elbow drop. Knee lifts to midsection. Ramming back into the corner. Knife edge chops. Shoulder thrusts to midsection. Belly to belly suplex. Hip Toss takedown. Big right hands. Big boot to face. Double clothesline. Double suplex. Blatant choke. Stomping on midsection. Foot in throat. Knee smashes to face. Sidewalk slam. Bearhug. Elbow smashes to forehead. DDT. Clothesline. Kick to the back of the head. Modified M-5. Dropkick Sleeperhold. Double armbar. Jawbreaker. Finisher: Face smash into mat. pin.)


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