01432: Brian Rodgers vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 126MB | 15:21 | 720×480


Brian Rodgers took to the ring to take on the Legend, Fantasy, in a one fall, 15 minute match. He was in a fool mode and poor Fantasy felt the wrath of the Bully. (Introductions. Kick to midsection. Thumb spikes to throat. Bodyslam. Double handed hair pull. Hair wrapped around ropes. Multiple backbreakers. Standing on hair. Double arm bar with knee in back. Stomps to the knee. Camel clutch. Hanging the opponent upside down in the corner. Kicks to midsection. Blatant choke. Standing on the throat. Boston crab with hair pull. Choking on ropes. Ramming back into a steel post. Torture rack. Bearhug. Slamming back into turnbuckle. Finisher: modified torture rack. pin.)


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