01424: Brian Rodgers vs. Luna Nightshade


MP4 | 96MB | 10:45 | 720×480


Rough N Rugged Brian Rodgers took on Luna Nightshade, you know one of the ladies, Brian says should be home in the kitchen. Luna, new to Liberty Pro, did not back down to the bully, Brian and showed him she has what it takes. 10 minutes. (Introductions. Lockup Test of strength. Stomping on hand. Bodyslam. Blatant choke. Irish Whip. Dropkick. Arm scissors. Armbar. Side Headlock takedown. Headscissors. Stomps to midsection. Elbow drop to the back of head. Elbow shots to throat. Sleeperhold. Ramming back into the corner. Big body shots. Chinlock. Suplex. Finisher: DDT. pin.)


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