01412: Salena Dean vs. Nikki Victory


MP4 | 90MB | 10:33 | 720×480


Ten Minutes as Salena Dean took on former Liberty Pro Champion Nikki Victory in a one fall action packed match. These ladies know how to go. (Attacking opponent before they can enter ring Slamming face into apron. Slamming face into steel post. Slamming face into steel chair. Low Blow. Slamming face into mat. Double handed hair pull. Foot on throat. Blatant choke. Big forearm shots. Extended leg choke in corner. Bow and arrow with hair pull. Hair Pull through ropes. Camel clutch Stepover toe takedown. Standing on the opponent. Snapmare. Forcing opponents to pull their own hair. Vicious hair pulling. Sleeperhold. Stomp to the back of the head. Eye gouge. Kicking leg. Finisher: Single leg Boston crab with hair pull. submission.)


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