01334: Samantha Starr and Brian Rodgers vs. Diana Taylor


MP4 | 102MB | 10:56 | 720×480


Supposed to be a 3 way dance, and Samantha Starr wrestled in her alter ego and Sinister Starr and her and Brian, teamed up on poor Diana the entire match. Basically it was a 2 on 1 match until the very end, and Sinister’s brain realized she could win this match. Did she win? 10 minutes. (3 way Lock-up. Blatant choke. Forearm shots to the back. Grinding boot into back. Wrapping arms around ropes. Dragging face across top rope. Shoulder thrusts back. Backbreaker slam. Bending back over knee. Body Slam. Stomping back. Head butt into back. Stomping knee. Surfboard. Hip Toss takedown. Big body splash to the back. Stomping on hand. Double armbar with foot on back. Vicious hair pulling. Finisher: Camel clutch and Boston crab. submission.)


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