01328: Brian Rodgers vs. Rebel Kel


MP4 | 103MB | 15:12 | 720×480


Maybe one of the most interesting matches at LibertyPro as Rough and Rugged Brian Rodgers took on Rebel Kel, who seemed to have an issue with Brian. I think she cleared the matter up in this particular match in 15 minutes. (Pre-match interview. Trash Talking. Big right hand. Boston crab. Ankle Lock. Slamming knee into mat. Foot in back with double armbar. Wrapping arm around ropes. Modified Camel clutch. Bending fingers. Surfboard. Leg Drop. Choking on ropes. Standing on my back. Bending back using ropes. Double arm scissors. Bodyscissors. Bow and arrow. Finisher: Modified Camel clutch. submission.)


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