01322: Little Bit vs. Nyxx


MP4 | 92MB | 10:05 | 720×480

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Nyxx started off very successful in her first match(1319) but now she takes on LibertyPro Veteran, Little Bit. Little Bit as we have always said, will take on anyone and she mostly, let’s everyone know she is the number one lady at LibertyPro. 10 minutes. (Lockup. Wristlock. Grinding armbar on mat. Shoulder tackle takedown. Big body shots. Irish Whip. Running clothes lines into corners. Suplex. Big body splash in the corner. Snapmare. Knee in back with double arm bar. Sleeperhold. Choking on ropes. Body Slam. Ramming face into turnbuckle. Knee lifts to midsection. Double knee to face smash. Finisher: Camel clutch. submission.)


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