01317: Vaughan Hyde vs. Samantha Starr


MP4 | 117MB | 10:11 | 720×480


We’ve had brawls before at LibertyPro but let me tell YOU, these two ladies tore the building down and it took every single wrestler and referee in the house to separate them. Pictures do not do this match justice. 10 Minutes of action. (Introductions. Lockup. Wristlock. Armbar. Hair Pull. Waistlock. Side Headlock. Big body splash in the corner. Big right hands. Wrapping arm around ropes. Slamming face into turnbuckles. Dragging face across top rope. Choking with illegal objects. Big shots with foreign objects. Knee in throat. Choking on ropes. Sleeperhold. Foreign object shots. Finisher: Brawling back and forth uncontrollably. no contest.)


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