01307: Malibu vs. Autumn Mariee


MP4 | 168MB | 20:05 | 720×480


Your Special Ref: the Mississippi Queen, BeBe for this 20 minute encounter between Malibu and mean Autumn Mariee. All over the ring for sure and also a GREAT Match. (Ring entrances. Lockup. Full Nelson exchanges. Jawbreaker. Leg sweep. Big right hands. clothesline. Bodyslam. Superkick off the ropes. Knee drop to shoulder. Blatant choke. Slamming face into turnbuckles. DDT. Running Bulldog into mat. Arm scissors. Kick to chest Stomach claw. Neckbreaker Armbar. Elbow drop to midsection. Bodyslam. Big body splash. Throwing opponent out of ring. Slap to face. Knife edge chops. Sidewalk slam. Bending back over knee. Camel clutch. Finisher: Sitting chokeslam. pin.)


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