01266: Vita VonStarr vs. Gemma Jewels


MP4 | 99MB | 10:28 | 720×480


Gemma, trained at the Nightmare school in Atlanta took on Vita VonStarr, who was trained in Philly and the styles of change, showed up in this match. Gemma is a future star but Vita is a star now. 10 minutes of action. (Introductions. Waistlock exchange. Wristlock exchanges. armbar exchanges. Side Headlock. Power slam. Leg Drop. Hair Pull. Double knees into midsection. slamming face into turnbuckle Choking on ropes. Kicks to midsection. Neckbreaker. Knife edge chops. Surfboard. Eye rake. Slingshot into ropes. Extended leg choke in corner. Double knee choke in ropes. Double knee drop into midsection. Double clothesline. Throat chops. Suplex DDT. Finisher: Handstand body splash off top rope. pin.)


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