01164: Crystal Fire vs. HollyHood Haley J


MP4 | 172MB | 20:11 | 720×480


I’ve never had a substitute referee and all my years, but Brooklyn Creed had to take Million Dollar Baby, but the match was 100 percent one target featuring HollyHood Haley J against Crystal Fire. This match was 20 minutes and length and lots of great action. (Special guest referee. Introductions. Trash Talking. Full Nelson exchanges. Side Headlock. Wristlock. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Knife edge chops. Wrapping hair around ropes. Eye claw. Kick to midsection. Underhook chinlock. Bodyscissors. Hair Pull. Eye rake. Face claw. Extended leg choke in corner. Chinlock. low blow kick. Elbow drop to leg. Foot on throat. Boston crab. Sitting on a surfboard. Standing on hair. sleeperhold. DDT. Big right hands. Jawbreaker. Powerbomb from top turnbuckle. Finisher: Leglock. submission.)


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