01146: Claudia Solis vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 129MB | 15:11 | 720×480


Battle of Tough ladies, and blue jeans and a submission match 3 of 5 falls and a 15 minute time limit. Both of these beautiful ladies are tough as nails, as this match will prove it to you fans. (Street Clothes Match. Introductions. Lockup. Waistlock. Bodyscissors. Leg sweep. Surfboard. Armbar. Sleeperhold. Headscissors. Camel clutch. Ramming opponent into corner. Extended leg choke in corner. Front facing side headlock. Big right hands. Chinlock. Bow and arrow. Bear hug. Jumping face plant into mat. Arm scissors with finger Bending. Leglock. Finisher: Sleeperhold. submission.)


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