01098: Sunni Daze vs. Cassandra Golden


MP4 | 105MB | 10:51 | 720×480


Sunni Daze made her first trip to LibertyPro and and this second match, she took one Beautiful Cassandra Golden and a one fall, 10 minute match. BOTH of these young ladies put one a very excited and tough match. Both of these ladies are from Arkansas Originally (Trash Talking. Cheap shot kick to midsection. Irish whip. two hand blatant choke and corner. Big body splash and corner. Snapmare takedown. Chinlock with knee and back. Face smash into turnbuckle. wrapping leg around middle rope. Throwing opponent to outside of ring. Irish whip followed by running shoulder thrust into midsection. suplex. Neckbreaker into a throat submission hold. Finisher: Neckbreaker one injured throat. time draw.)


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