01087: Violet Payne vs. Gemma Jewels


MP4 | 81MB | 10:28 | 720×480


violent Payne is a star and this business and she took one another up and coming star and wrestling, Gemma Jewels. We have been trying to get violent to LibertyPro for over 3 years and we finally did, and it was worth the weight. She showed and this ten minute match why she is known all over the wrestling circuit. 10 minutes (Special guest referee. Lockup with cheap kicks to knee. Elbow drop. Jumping elbow drop. Figure four leg lock. Irish whip. Knife edge chops. Sidewalk slam. Boston Crab. Digging knee into back pulling both arms. Sit choke across middle rope. Stomp to gut. Finisher Long figure four leg lock Tapout.)


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