01076: Rebel Kel vs. Viki Vee

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MP4 | 135MB | 14:48 | 720×480


Test of Strengths Matches are one of our specialty matches with LibertyPro and Rebel Kel always does great and her test of strength matches. this one is 15 minutes long and Viki, and her first one hung and their good for the time limit. Enjoy this match. (Lockup test of strength. Test of strength mercy fight. Evenly matched repeated lockups. Test of strength lock-up outside of ring. Test of strength thru the bleachers. Evenly matched throughout. Finisher: Lock-up test of strength all the way to back.)

1 review for 01076: Rebel Kel vs. Viki Vee

  1. Welan S (verified owner)

    Thanks for another great match in this format.
    Viki has done a awesome job, she has good lock up skills and her performance was awesome throughout the match.

    As usual Rebel Kel is master of lock up match and she rocked it again

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