01057: Brian Rodgers vs. Rebel Kel


MP4 | 121MB | 15:03 | 720×480


Brian Rodgers made his debut at LibertyPro and he took one the Seattle, Washington’s own, Rebel Kel and a 15 minute match. Seems sometimes, Kel likes to reminiscent the past and wear a GLOW like outfit and her matches. This time, Brian didn’t care about the Color of the suit, but just wanted to make a big impression at LibertyPro and he was very successful. (Knee to face before match. Headscissors. Low Blow. Ramming Back into ring post. Devastating right hand. Leg drop Knee drop to face. Big body splash. Two hand blatant choke and corner. Choking one ropes. Face stomp. Big Slam. 2 count pull up. Elbow to forehead. Finisher: Tombstone piledriver. Ref stops match and Ref is attacked.)


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