01033: Freya the Slaya vs. Kaci Lennox

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MP4 | 90MB | 10:15 | 720×480


10 minutes of action between two very strong and talented ladies. This match has some different things like piledrivers, slams, etc. Both of these ladies are so talented inside the squared Circle. (friendly handshake. evenly matched lockup. test of strength. armbar. wrist lock. Boston crab. step over takedown. bodyslam, tombstone piledriver exchange. suplex,. sleeper hold. finisher: tombstone piledriver exchange, one is able to hold for the 3 count.)

1 review for 01033: Freya the Slaya vs. Kaci Lennox

  1. RamonJohnson47 (verified owner)

    The ladies did an excellent job, I ordered this custom and they did not disappoint. The moves were executed well and safely, nothing looks botched either. Thank you Freya and Kaci for delivering a solid match. Please come back so I can order more!

    • admin

      Thank you!

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