01014: Nikki Victory vs. Gemma Jewels

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Test of Strength Match Nothing like watching two ladies fight for supremacy and strength. These two ladies battled for 15 minutes with no true winner, so they decided they would try at another time and decide one a clear cut winner. one things for sure, BOTH of these ladies have some serious strength. (Lock-up from the back to the ring. Lock-up from all the outside of ring. lock-up around the inside of ring, back and forth. Test of strength, evenly matched back and forth. Long lock-up back to outside of ring and all the way to the back. Finisher: Stalemate.)

1 review for 01014: Nikki Victory vs. Gemma Jewels

  1. Welan S (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot for another great match in this format.

    A camera work is more good than last time.

    I know both wrestlers are good, but this time it not worked for them. These type matches will be good if both are nearly equal physic, but in this Gemma was more height advance and heaver than Nikki it was not work out well..

    But both tried it well. Nice

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