00959: Claudia Solis vs. Nikki Victory

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This is another one or our Unique type Matches with a test of Strength for 15 minutes Beautiful Nikki Victory took one beautiful Claudia del Solis who looked one paper to have a huge advantage but one thing that was learned today, Nikki Victory is one strong lady and one lady who will never ever give up. (Fighting from the back to the ring to start. Lock-uo all around outside of ring. Lock-uo all around inside of ring. evenly matched. Test of strength back and forth. Mercy fight back and forth evenly matched. lock-up back to outside. Finisher: Time limit. Draw.)

1 review for 00959: Claudia Solis vs. Nikki Victory

  1. Welan S (verified owner)

    A one more Great lock up and TOS from Liberty Pro. And again both girl done a great job. And Nikki who always rock in this format a very energetic performer rocked all over the match . And Claudia also done a great performance.

    Expecting more matches from nikki in this format. And my dream to see Nikki Victory vs Rebel Kel lock up match, both are master of this format if they both collide in the ring then it would be a great match.

    Actually this type(TOS) of match will be more good if both wrestler are nearly equal physical. So try to consider two equal physical wrestlers in your upcoming this kind of matches. it will add some more value to this format matches.

    Love to see more matches in this format.

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