00930: Amber Rodriguez vs. Rebel Kel

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This match is 15 minutes between two ladies who tried to decide who is the strongest and after 15 minutes I think we know the winner. All over the building and this test of strength match. They were and the bleachers, and the ring, all over the place. (Lockup evenly matched back and forth. Lockup rolling around mat. Test of strength evenly matched back and forth. Lockup taken to outside of ring back and forth evenly matched. Finisher: continued lockup till time limit. Draw no contest. Multiple referees needed to breakup the wrestlers.)

1 review for 00930: Amber Rodriguez vs. Rebel Kel

  1. Welan S (verified owner)

    Again this was a wonderful lock up and TOS match from Liberty Pro wrestling team, Both girls done a great job in lockup. Particularly the end 2 minutes both were roaming around the ring to settle the lock up was really awesome.
    It is Excellent ending

    And Rebel Kel becomes master of this format, she just rock as like her previous match with kaci. Like to see more matches from her in this format.

    • admin

      We are definitely working on those improvements. Thank you for your feedback.

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