00806: Crystal Fire vs. Nikki Victory


MP4 | 97MB | 10:47 | 720×480


It Seems Jessie Belle and Nikki Lane, are starting their own “Faction” at Liberty Pro and one this day, they are having matches to decide who needs to be their newest member. So Jessie Belle set up 2 first round matches then the 2 winners go against each others to see who belongs and the group. First match Crystal Fire vs. Nikki Victory. (Lockup. one back sleeper hold. Rammed into corner. Extended leg choke and corner. Wrapping hair around top rope. Spinebuster. Irish whip. Big body splash and corner. Eye rake. Bow and arrow with hair pull. Headbutt. Inverted STF with hair pull. Standing one hair. Face Claw. Single leg Boston crab. Dropkick to the back. Leg splitter. Biting leg. Bear hug. pulling up at 2 count. Finisher:Big leg drop. pin.)


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