00721: LT Falk vs. Autumn Mariee


MP4 | 59MB | 06:33 | 720×480


Five minutes of tough Autumn Mariee taking one LT Falk LT must have had a bad day as every match of him he seemed so mad at the world. Autumn must have felt like she was the world. Lots of rib work and bearhugs. (Trash Talking. Lockup. Knee lift to midsection. Elbow to face. Digging elbow into lower back. Bear hug. Ramming lower back into corner. Knee drop to shoulder. Crucifix. Elbow drop to head. Headbutt to midsection. Knee and back double armbar. Backbreaker. Waistlock. Body Scissors. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. Finisher: Superkick. pin.)


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