00598: Little Bit vs. Mississippi Mauler


MP4 | 341MB | 40:05 | 720×480


Massacre at Liberty Pro Women’s Wrestling but done by a man. This match is 40 minutes long for one time only with Mauler basically demolishing Little Bit. As you know, Mauler HATES women being and his business(Wrestling) and his goal is to destroy every lady wrestler and the world. Well he got close today, sadly, This match has everything and it and Little Bit had to be taken to the hospital after the match. Her condition is not known as of this moment. As much as she is hated, this was totally uncalled for. I hope Liberty Pro Board of Directors either fire Mauler or suspend him over his actions. (Attacked from behind. Big right hands. Nose Hook. Fish hook. Single leg Boston crab. Choking on middle rope. Standing on throat. Standing on hair. Underhook chinlock on top of ropes. Slamming face into steel post. Leg drop. Blatant choke. Tombstone piledriver. Ceiling hold. Piledriver. Choking on top rope. Throwing opponent outside of ring. Slamming face into steel chair. Slamming face into apron. Double arm bar around steel post. Using Foreign object. Busted wide open. Face slam into wall. Tombstone piledriver on the concrete floor. Ramming face into steel chair. Taking off opponents boot and using as a weapon. Bear hug with her head claw. Throwing opponent in trash can. Boston Crab while opponent in trash. Finisher: Choking with belt. unable to continue.)


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