00595: Little Bit vs. Miss Beronica


MP4 | 82MB | 10:07 | 720×480


Miss Beronica and Little Bit have had the feud of the year and Liberty Pro and this day was no different, except Little Bit hid and jumped her and Beronica never really got a chance and this particular encounter. I’m more than sure Beronica will evern the score one Little Bit and the future 10 total Minutes (Attacked from Behind. Hair pulling. Throwing opponent out of ring. Hair Pulling on concrete. Slamming face into steel post. Slamming face into apron. Camel clutch. Choking with own hair. Standing on hands. Hair mare. Dragging around ring by hair. Vicious hair pulling. Hand smothering. Dropkick to chest. Planting knee on hair. Stomach claw. Blatant choke. Body Scissors. Eye rake. Double arm bar. Jumping face plant into mat. Extended leg choke in corner. Standing on midsection. Multiple big right hands. Bow and Arrow with hair pull. Boston crab. Finisher: Single leg Boston crab with hair pull. unable to continue.)


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