00592: Malibu vs. Little Bit


MP4 | 191MB | 22:22 | 720×480


Every so often we get request for submission holds, where one wrestler puts a submission one another wrestler to see just how long they can last and the hold/move. Total of 20 minutes and roughly about 10 holds/submissions one the other wrestler. Lots of Pain and this match (Barefoot match. Pre-match interviews. Step over toe takedown. Sitting bearhug. Underhook chinlock. Body Scissors with bearhug. Long grinding holds applied. Double ankle lock. Twisting toes. Crossed leg lock. Scorpion deathlock. Double arm bar. Hair pull. Sitting on crossed legs. Grinding the knee and foot. Sitting on back with wrist lock. Bending fingers. Sitting on back bow leg lock grinding knee. Low blow slam into steel post. Finisher: Standing figure four around steel post. submission.)


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