00591: Little Bit vs. Malibu and Mississippi Mauler


MP4 | 132MB | 15:31 | 720×480


Little Bit was about tired from her workout, even stated her abs were sore, but Mauler and Malibu still decided they needed to work her over and they did. Poor Little Bit, just can’t get a break at this taping and this 15 minutes of action kinda worked her over good. (2 on 1 Match. Trash Talking. Knee lift to midsection. Underhook chinlock. Stomach Claw. Kicks to midsection. Knee planted in back chinlock. Tickling. Double armbar. Elbow shots to midsection. Bending back over top rope. Backbreaker. Bending back over knee. Elbow drop to midsection. Kick to face. Double teaming cheap shots to midsection. Being pulled by arms and legs. Sitting on back chinlock. Grinding knee into midsection. Finisher: Holding arms down and doing stomach claw. submission.)


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