00585: Malibu vs. Skylar Slice


MP4 | 102MB | 11:02 | 720×480


Skylar once again takes the challenge of a former SWF great Malibu and this one fall SWF title match. Malibu is a former 2 time SWF champion and is back to regain the title she feels is rightfully hers. Skylar is usually used to being able to over power her opponents but she runs into someone who is just as strong as she is. A questionable ending has this not being the last time these 2 will match up. (Pre-match interviews. Lockup. Waistlock. Stomping on foot. arm Bar. wrist lock. Grinding wrist lock on mat. Arguing back and forth. Test of strength mercy fight. Running clothesline. Half Nelson. Double clothesline. Jumping face plant into mat. Arguing with ref. Finisher: Double handed chokeslam. pin.)


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