00584: Skylar Slice vs. Diana Taylor


MP4 | 101MB | 11:15 | 720×480


After a HUGE title win Skylar wants to prove why she will be one of the greatest SWF champions of all time. Skylar realizes to be the best you have to beat the best. Skylar’s first title defense is against one of the greatest SWF champions their has ever been Diana Taylor. Diana may be small but she is vicious and throws one of the hardest clotheslines and the business. Skylar is and for a tough first title defense…. Will she be a short term champion or prove herself? (Pre-match interviews. Lockup. Clothesline. Big right hands in corner. Big body splash in corner. Suplex. Running Spear. Sidewalk slam. Body Slam. Fallaway slam. Running Spear. Knee planted in back with double armbar. Underhook chinlock. snapmare. Kick to back. Figure four. Slamming knee into mat. Single leg Boston crab. Brawling outside of ring. Face slammed into steel post. backbreaker. Bending back over knee. Finisher: Double handed chokeslam. pin.)


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