00561: Malin vs. Skylar Slice


MP4 | 86MB | 10:09 | 720×480


OKC1 Match 1 – Both of these ladies making their first ever trip to Liberty Pro. This Malin is someone not to be messed with. Skylar has one of the best reputations and wrestling but this day, Malin kinda controlled her and this match. Ten Minutes, Malin is someone to be reckoned with. (Trash Talking. Lockup. Forced into corner. Kicking legs in corner. Knee planted in back with double arm bar. Underhook chinlock with leg lock. Throwing opponent to outside of ring. sleeper hold on outside of ring. Slamming face into steel post. Wrapping hair around bottom rope. Knife edge chops. Knee lifts to face. Crossed arms and legs bow and arrow. Big body splash in corner. Extended leg choke in corner. Foreign object shot to forehead. DDT onto apron. Standing on midsection. Standing on throat. Finisher: Side Headlock on apron. pin.)


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