00558: Jessie Belle vs. Rebel Kel


MP4 | 80MB | 10:16 | 720×480


Ten Minutes of the ladies who like shorts and beautiful tops. Both of these ladies give 100 percent and each match and this match is NO different. Rebel Kel is a tough lady for sure (Ring entrances. Trash Talking. Waistlock. Keister bump. Full Nelson. Underhook chinlock. Armbar. Crippler crossface. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Snapmare. Double armbar. Body Scissors. Chops to back. Knee plants into back. Sitting on midsection and slapping opponent. Multiple hair mares. Standing on ankle. Ceiling hold. Stomping on hand. Extended leg.choke.in corner. Running Bulldog into mat. Finisher: Sitting on chest with knees in arms. submission.)


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