00547: Rebel Kel vs. Kaci Lennox

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MP4 | 95MB | 10:26 | 720×480


Ten minutes of a test of strength between these two super wrestlers. Something a little different as they show off their muscles more than their wrestling skills. I am not sure who might be the strongest but I know they both are strong.

2 reviews for 00547: Rebel Kel vs. Kaci Lennox

  1. TI (verified owner)

    It ’s a great match, but too short to settle.
    I want to see more TOS battle between these two super wrestlers.

  2. Welan S (verified owner)

    Once again, a very good test of strength from Liberty Pro. Good start from backstage as they are coming from collar and elbow lock up, and struggling around the ring and again clash their strengths in the ring. And Kaci Lennox now became a master in this domain (test of strength)and Rebel Kel supported her very well. 

    And poor camera work continues in this video also lot of places out of focus, blur, and poor angle &lighting and camera guy confused where to shoot. Since this is not a live match it is very easy to shoot and since the flow of the match and everything preplanned and there will be no disturbance so it is very easy for them to shoot. But in this match camera person does not even know from where the match is going to start, wrestler performing one side and he standing another side and shooting from there, And once again the amazing performance of the wrestlers is spoiled by the poor camera work. Also I can see the wrestlers also not pre prepared well for the match and they are referring the script in between the match, since it is a very easy script if they have just seen it before the match it will be more good, and it looks this match was shoot with some urgency.  But somehow they both wrestlers managed it very well by their performance.

    Keep doing more these kinds of test of strength matches which have a huge fanbase.

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