00231: Melanie Cruise vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 88MB | 10:52 | 720×480


Fantasy just doesN’T learn her lesson when it comes to dealing with Melanie Cruise. Fantasy starts this match off by offering Melanie a handshake and a fair fight. Melanie refuses the handshake, then cheapshots Fantasy. Melanie keeps control the entire match, using different holds to keep Fantasy down, including choking, a surfboard stretch, a sleeper hold, and a DDT, before using a foreign object to inflict more punishment to Fantasy. Hopefully Fantasy learned her lesson after this 10 minute match. (Introductions. Big right hands. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Extended leg choke in corner. Standing on hair. Double armbar with hair pull. Clothesline. Ceiling hold. Chinlock. Stomping on foot. Slamming face repeatedly into mat. Foot on throat. Vicious hair pulling. sleeper hold. Running throat punch. Choking with foreign objects. DDT. Finisher: Foreign object shot. pin.)


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