00222: Priscilla Kelly vs. Ivelisse


MP4 | 87MB | 07:44 | 720×480


This is not a conventional match by any means, as the two ladies encounter each other outside the ring and never find their way into it. They battle all over the arena, connecting with vicious chops all along the way. Each lady uses the ring apron, ringpost, and barricade as weapons, ramming their opponents head into each multiple times. If you are a fan of chops, this is the match for you!!! 7 minutes of action outside the ring. (Attacking opponents before a match. Slamming face into steel post. Knife edge chops. Slamming face into the railing. Kick to back. slamming face into an apron. Slamming face into chair. Spin Kick to face. blatant choke. Fighting back and forth outside of the ring. Sitting on apron headscissors. Exchanging vicious chops. Foot in throat. Finisher: Brawling outside of the ring. no contest.)


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