00196: Nikki Lane vs. Little Bit


MP4 | 94MB | 11:00 | 720×480


First match of the Liberty Pro Tournament featuring two stars of the past company and our new company. their is a history between these two ladies and both have several wins over the other. This one ends with some for sure cheating. 10 minutes of great wrestling. (Introductions. Attacking an opponent from behind. Chinlock. Eye rake. Big right hands. Uppercut. sleeper hold. Body Scissors with sleeper hold. Standing Body Scissors. Choking on the middle rope. Foot on throat. Kicking the knee. Front facing side headlock. Back rake. blatant choke in corner. Shoulder thrusts to midsection. Boston Crab. Slamming face into mat. Low Blow. Standing Camel clutch. Headbutt. Standing on hair. Finisher: Choking with foreign object. pin.)


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