00193: Mississippi Mauler vs. Veronica Fairchild


MP4 | 112MB | 15:06 | 720×480


Veronica Fairchild took one the Mississippi Mauler for 15 minutes and I am not sure she will ever be the same again. Mauler must have some kind of hatred of Veronica but she had a tough match against the King of Woman Haters. Moves including stomping, choking, rope work, and a pile driver is involved. (side headlock takedown. Big right hands. First drop to midsection. Chinlock. Foot on side of face. Elbow drop to leg. Choking on the middle rope. Suplex. Eye rake. Running Bulldog to mat. Pulling up at 2 counts. Nose hook. Running clothesline. DDT. Running stomp to head. Piledriver. Finisher: piledriver. pin.)


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