00189: Su Yung vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 166MB | 22:11 | 720×480

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Over 20 minutes and this one fall Last Woman Standing Match between Champion Fantasy and the make believe commissioner Su Yung. Fantasy was opened up and this match that had several foreign objects used and very violent action all over the place (Coming to the ring reading script. Attacked from behind. Using foreign objects. Slamming face into steel post. Ramming turnbuckle into face. Busted open. Scraping forehead with foreign objects. Body Scissors. Hand smothering. Foreign object shots. Hitting an opponent with a briefcase. Smashing ankles with foreign objects. Forehead claw. Slamming face into steel ladder. sleeper hold. Chair shot. Jumping clothesline. Armbar. DDT. Slamming face into an apron. Big right hand exchanges. Super plex. Double armbar. Finisher: sleeper hold with Body Scissors. submission.)


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