00188: Su Yung vs. Nikki Lane


MP4 | 80MB | 10:38 | 720×480


Nikki Lane took one Su Yung after Su had a rough match earlier and Nikki Lane started off being rough one Su again. Some back and forth action but ten minutes of two talented ladies giving 110 percent (Opponent already out of the ring. Double handed hair pull. Wrapping hair around leg. Chinlock. Slamming face into turnbuckles. Wrapping hair around ropes. Vicious hair pulling. Standing on hair. Smothering with her own hair. Standing on hair. Eye rake. Fish hook. Pulling ears. Pulling hair thru top rope. sleeper hold from top rope. slamming face into mat. Knee in back with double hair pull. Single leg Boston crab with hair pull. Finisher: Camel clutch with double hair pull. submission.)


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