00181: Mississippi Mauler vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 87MB | 10:16 | 720×480


Prepare for ten minutes of relentless action as Fantasy finds herself hanging upside down numerous times, with her feet nearly grazing the ring’s lights. The malevolent Mississippi Mauler continues his mission of challenging women in wrestling. Fantasy’s unwavering determination and attitude shine as she faces the Mauler’s brutal tactics. (Stretching in the ring. Kick to midsection. Big right hands. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Suplex. Elbow Drop to back of head. Choking with a jacket. Bear hug. Ramming back into the corner. Nose pickup. Low Blow knee drop. Pull up at 2 counts. Backbreaker. Kicking the leg. Spinebuster. Neckbreaker. Over shoulder backbreaker. Finisher: Power suplex. pin.)


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