00147: Phoebe vs. Erica Torres


MP4 | 40MB | 06:03 | 720×480


Much like match 00146, Phoebe is featured and a fast-paced match, this time squaring off against Erica Torres. Torres is able to take the quick advantage over Phoebe and wears her down with a headlock, body slam, headscissors, full nelson, bear hug, and armbar before she is able to connect with a devastating spear. 6 minutes of action. (Lockup. side headlock. Grinding headlock. Big right hands to midsection. Bodyslam. Headscissors. Fist across face. Biting leg. Full Nelson. Stomping on foot. Bearhug. Biting forehead. Armbar. Shin kick. Finisher: Running Spear. pin.)


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