00144: Little Bit vs. Katie Meyer


MP4 | 72MB | 10:05 | 720×480


In a hastily arranged impromptu match, Little Bit and Katie Meyer face off in a relentless battle. Little Bit ruthlessly targets Meyer’s hair, using it to inflict punishment by stomping on it, picking Meyer up by the hair, and pulling her hair while locking her in various holds. Witness 10 minutes of action. (Dragging opponent out to the ring. Hair Pull. Armbar through the ropes. Dragging opponents around the ring. Bow and arrow. standing on hair. Big right hand. Stomps to midsection. Vicious hair pull. Camel clutch. Hair mare. Choking on the bottom rope. Boot grinding forehead. Hair pulled thru ropes. Foot on throat. Leg splitter. Jumping face plant into mat. Leg drop. Finisher: Camel clutch with hair pull. submission.)


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