00143: Mississippi Mauler vs. Katie Meyer


MP4 | 81MB | 10:08 | 720×480


Katie Meyer takes on the Mississippi Mauler in this action-packed 10-minute match. Meyer fares better this time, connecting with several wrestling maneuvers. However, she can’t seem to keep Mauler down for long. Can Meyer battle back and pin the veteran Mauler? Find out in this action-packed match. (introductions. lockup. Hip Toss takedown. Snapmare. sleeperhold. Double armbar with knee in back. Headscissors. DDT. Running clothesline. Big right hands. Jumping face plant into mat. Bodyslam. Stomps back. Elbow grinding in back. Knee drop to back. Backbreaker. Rubbing face into mat. Body Scissors with sleeper hold. Piledriver. Figure four. Finisher: Vicious Leg Drop. pin.)


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