00139: Mississippi Mauler vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 97MB | 10:18 | 720×480


Mississippi Mauler and Fantasy are at it once again, and Mauler takes no time taking the advantage over Fantasy. Fantasy is resilient though, and takes every vicious maneuver and stride. Will Fantasy be able to weather the storm and battle back, or will Mauler once again pick up a victory over Fantasy and Liberty Pro. Several sleeperholds and this 10 minute match. (introductions. trash talking. Eye poke. Chest chops. Knee smashed into face. Snapmare. Chinlock. sleeper hold from top rope. Double ax handle from corner. Standing on her knees. Bodyslam. Choking on the bottom rope. Jump kick to face. Power slam. Knee Low blow. Body Scissors with sleeper hold. Finisher: surprise roll-up. pin.)


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