00135: Jennifer Justice vs. Katie Ohno


MP4 | 141MB | 15:37 | 720×480


Jennifer Justice makes her return to Liberty Pro and faces off with newcomer Katie Ohno. Very old school, back and forth match between these two ladies. Will Ohno be able to takedown the veteran, or will Justice show the rookie her place and Liberty Pro. 15 minutes of action. (Introductions. Lockup. Armbar. wrist lock. Waistlock. side headlock. Shoulder tackle takedown. blatant choke. Knee across throat. Big right hands. Leg Drop. Clothesline. sleeper hold. Hair pull. Chinlock. leg lock with stomach claw. Twisting toes. Extended leg choke in corner. Choking on the middle rope. Eye poke. Leg extension. Kicking the leg. Running elbow to throat. Modified ankle lock. Figure Four. Elbows to knees. Finisher: Jumping face plant into mat. pin.)


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