00131: Susan Morton vs. Jessie Belle


MP4 | 79MB | 10:06 | 720×480


Susan Morton makes her debut at Liberty Pro and this match, and has destroying Jessie Belle one her agenda for the day. Susan dominates this match, using every foreign object she can find one Jessie Belle. Lots of choking and throat work, abdominal claws, and a camel clutch and this match. 10 minutes of action. (Trash Talking. Lockup. wrist lock. Kick to midsection. blatant choke. Stomach claw. Choking with her own hair. sleeper hold. Foreign object choke. Choking on the middle rope. Choking with multiple foreign objects. Knee across throat. Double handed hair pull. Chinlock. Finisher: Chokehold with stomach claw. unable to continue.)


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