00129: Miss Beronica vs. Austynn Madison vs. Little Bit


MP4 | 95MB | 10:02 | 720×480


Two newcomers to Liberty Pro, Austynn Madison and Beronica Rose, know that their is only one spot left for the roster and plan one wrestling each other to see who claims the spot. Resident queen of Liberty Pro, Little Bit, has a different plan for the two ladies, saying that the spot should belong to her and inserts her into the match. Beronica and Austynn work together for a while, but the value of the spot and Liberty Pro becomes evident and then it is every woman for themselves. Find out who claims that final spot and this 10 minute match. (Trash Talking. 2 on 1 beatdown. Double running elbow to throat. Double clothesline. Double suplex. Arguing about who will pin. Low Blow. Sitting dropkick. Extended leg choke in corner. Headbutt. Jumping face plant into mat. Snapmare. Dropkick to back. Bodyslam. sleeper hold. Armbar with Hair Pull. Ceiling hold. Chinlock. Leg Drop. Camel clutch. Eye rake. Single leg Boston crab. Throwing opponent out of ring. Body Scissors. Finisher: Body Scissors roll over. pin.)


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